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In order to apply to join or renew your current membership, take a moment to complete the form below. Once completed, you may submit the appropriate dues amount by clicking DONATE near the bottom of the page. Thank you for your continued support.

CCC Membership Form

Each membership year runs from July 1 – June 30. Membership in the national association is required to join any local chapter. National dues are $50.00 and local dues are $25.00. National dues are waived the first year following FSU graduation. Life members submit local dues annually. Regular–attended Fay State; Associate–did not attend Fay State

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Membership Dues + Convenience Fees
If you a PayPal account, you can contribute directly using hometownbroncos1867@gma​           


Thank you for taking the time to join or renew your membership in our national and/or local chapter.     PAYPAL FEE CALCULATOR


Regular or Associate: $77.55        1 Member                               2 Members                             3 Members                      

Dues are $75.00 annually - $50.00 for national and $25.00 for local chapter dues. If you use a debit or credit card, there is $0.30 + 2.9% convenience fee per card transaction. So add $2.55 for a total of $77.55 to cover transaction fees.

Renewing Life or 3-Payment Plan: $26.06         1 Member                               2 Members                            

Dues are $25.00 annually for life members local dues only. If you use a debit or credit card, there is $0.30 + 2.9% convenience fee per card transaction. So add $1.06 for a total of $26.06 to cover transaction fees. Also, for those who would like, you can split your $75 dues into three consecutive monthly payments.  Dues Three-Payment Plan:

Joining Life Membership Cohort                                                                                                                  Miscellaneous Amount

Installment Options: 1) One lump sum: $1055.92 = $1025 + 30.92 PayPal fees  2) Spread over 1 Year: $1075  3) Spread over 2 Years - $1150

Use PayPal fee calculator to determine accurate amount for each installment + fees.

Life Membership Dues are $1000, local chapter dues are $25 each year and national dues are $50 each year.

Fayetteville State University National Alumni Association Cumberland County Chapter

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